Preparation for Your First Appointment

When preparing for your first appointment at Carolina Regional Orthopaedics, make certain to check with your insurance company to follow their rules for specialist referral. To make the transition a smooth process the doctor needs a copy of your medical records. Depending on the health system, you may need to sign a “Release of Medical Records” request form. This should be done a week or two before your appointment. If the appointment is less than a week away you may want to ask your primary care physician for a copy of your medical records to carry them to your first appointment.

While medical records are important, they do not provide all the information a doctor needs. We advise you to write down a list of your past and current medical conditions and treatments including:

  • Current Health Conditions
  • Any Over the Counter and Prescription Medicines, Vitamins, and Supplements you are taking
  • Allergies
  • Health History, including Conditions you have had, Medicines you have taken, Procedures, and Medical Tests you have undergone
  • Family Health History
  • Names and Contact Information of other Doctors you have seen
  • We will Provide an Intake Form on which you may note all this information.

A symptom diary is another way to provide in detail symptoms you have experienced over a period of weeks or months. Each entry may include a description of the symptoms, time of day the symptoms occurred, the amount of time the symptoms lasted, and anything that may have relieved the symptoms. This diary may include questions you want answered during your appointment.

Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early to your appointment to allow time for paperwork. Bring any medications, your insurance card and a photo identification to your appointment.

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