What is pain? What can be done about it?

Many people would say that pain is your body’s way of translating that something is wrong, and they are correct. Sometimes the problem can be fixed, or it heals, and the pain goes away. Chronic pain, however, does not. It lasts longer than expected and many times for very long periods of time or even the rest of your life. Our physicians will evaluate you to find the source of your pain and uncover its associated conditions. A realistic plan to deal with your chronic pain conditions may include medications, nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, interventional procedures, and psychological intervention.

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain, unlike acute pain, is pain that persists longer than the expected time of recovery. Chronic pain requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treatment as chronic pain affects all areas of your life.

How do I make an appointment?

Start by calling our office, our friendly staff will get you started in our new patient process. If your doctor is making a referral, please have his or her office call us.

Can anyone become a patient of Carolina Regional Orthopaedics?

Most people can! Insurance restrictions may require you to use another facility or doctor. We accept most health insurance plans.

What will happen during my first office visit?

You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your pain problems, and your doctor will discuss a treatment plan with you. It may require diagnostic tests that will be ordered at that time. Your doctor will discuss medications if they are appropriate for you. You will need to bring a pharmacy profile with you to your first visit, or you may fax it to us before your appointment date.

What if I cannot make my first scheduled appointment?

Please call the receptionist no less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment and our staff will help you reschedule a date. Unfortunately, we cannot call in medications before we see you in the office.

What if I cannot make my follow-up appointment?

Please call no less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment to reschedule your appointment. This will assure that you will be taken care of as soon as possible, as your treatment may depend on timely visits.

Will medications become a part of my treatment?

You and your doctor will decide if medications are right for you. Although many chronic pain patients are on medications for long periods of time, there are also many patients whose treatments consist of an interventional procedure that allows them pain-free or pain-controlled lives that do not need medications on a regular basis.

What is a fluoroscopy, or C-ARM?

The fluoroscope is an x-ray imaging device that allows the physician to look inside the body to identify bony landmarks. The fluoroscopic spinal injections performed are documented with a permanent, stored record of x-ray images, which are made available upon request to the patient and the referring physician.

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